AC8GY Shack

I have been a radio amateur (Ham) only since June 2010, so I am a latecomer to the hobby, although I have been an engineer for 40 years and have dabbled in electronics for most of that time. At the urging of my very good friend Barry, AB8WI, I took the plunge to take the tests.  One of the benefits of pursuing Ham Radio is the meshing of several interests such as short wave listening, computers, and investigating new technologies like software defined radio.

I built my first crystal set at about age 10 or 11. My antenna was a downspout. There was no DX from that setup and I was lucky to receive WLW-AM, the Nation Station. When my oldest grandson turned nine, I decided to introduce him to radio building, which led to constructing the DX set described under "Crystal Sets".

My first introduction to ham radio as a boy, many years ago, was from a neighbor who had a 1KW station with a home-built final and three towers. It was very interesting to listen to him contact the world on CW and phone. Unfortunately, I did not pursue amateur radio at the time because of other interests, but I have not forgotten that introduction.

I live on the east side of Cincinnati on one of our many hills, enjoying an elevation of about 850', which is above most of the surroundings. My dear wife tolerates my various hobbies and just sort of shook her head when I announced that I had become a "Ham". Fortunately, there are sufficient woods around our house that I could erect a multi-band dipole, well hidden from the neighbors. Subdivisions are nice for some things, but amateur antennas and towers would be frowned upon here.

Currently, I belong to the Milford Amateur Radio Club (MARC) and the Cincinnati Astronomical Society (CAS). Civic affiliations include a board position on the local chamber of commerce and a membership on the Anderson Township Economic Development Committee.

My many hobbies include photography, amateur astronomy, woodworking, computers, and now amateur radio. Some examples of my photography and astrophotography can be found at http://alpeter.zenfolio.com/f774826157.



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