The purpose in creating this web site is to share information about projects I am pursuing, which might be of interest to other amateurs, photographers and enthusiasts. A considerable portion of the content is on Amateur Radio, but the Astronomy and Photography sections are being developed and expanded.

While I am relatively new to amateur radio, I am also active on related topics such as SWL, electronics experimentation, trying out SDR (software defined radio), and broadcast band DX using "crystal" sets. Other hobbies include photography and amateur astronomy (astrophotography). Please let me know if you have interest in or comments on any of these topics.


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    Ft-950 Pan Adapter  Slim Jim Antenna      Modified PC supply             DX Crystal Set     Software Defined Radio
Astronomy Slim Jim Antenna
                Astronomy       Dual Band Slim Jim            Multi- Band Wire Antennas


  • Added new page "Dual-band Slim Jim" - The full text, including additional illustrations, of the article appearing in Dec. 2011 QST (page 41), by Al Peter 11/14/2011
  • Added video version of Multi-band Antennas 11/14/2011
  • Site update and Multi-band Wire Antennas Presentation added to Ham Projects 11/10/2011
  • Site update and Sharpening Presentation added to Photography 1/28/2011
  • Site updated and Photography pages added 1/21/2011
  • Site updated and Astronomy pages added 1/18/2011
  • Site updated and Projects pages added 12/21/2010
  • Yaesu FT-950 pan adapter using IF-2000 and LP-PAN with PowerSDR-IF pages added 12/21/2010
  • 2m Slim Jim antenna project added to Ham Projects page 12/19/2010

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